100 wc

 i have lived in this town for years but there hasn’t been any monuments for some reason and this is the story of how it came to be. i was 3 at the time when they first had plans for it it was approved a year later. it took about three months for to be built but the opening didn’t really work not many people came. i was told it was about a drought and how it almost never rained  i was the the only person in town who took much thought into it maybe i’m the only person who likes art

100 wc

i was at the zoo with my class there was a purple sea horse not like the rest i questioned it but realized it was nothing, moving on we saw elephants, giraffes and tigers. as we were looking at the monkeys i saw a rotting monkey bones next to old avocados i almost vomited at the sight, i told miss whatshername  who passed it on to an to an employee who got it removed. he was unsure about the avocados though because

they don’t feed them that, there still not sure how the monkey died.

wc# 5 t3

as I turned my head the world spun, OK some backstory i’m a scientist at  doge laboratory we where trying to make a device that if you look at an object it would turn the direction you look, i know is’s mad scientist stuff. dr.mad is my boss he has a great mind  but others think he’s crazy but i know he’s good despite the name. so finally we finished the prototype we went to a farm and tested it BUT, then i looked at the grass and it spun the world we could make millions with this device. END

Wc 6 giant dominos

I was walking to school when I went past the giant dominos statue at dominos pizza. I realised I forgot my pizza note, I rushed back home pushing myself through crowds. When I got back home I was going to be 30 minutes late, I got to school, it was awkward having to make an excuse. We had a whole lot of boring stuff like physics. When we where having pizza I was dealt the short end of the stick. I got vegetarian pizza.😫 Every thing else that we did that day was miserable but it was all made up for at home because we had pizza.

Wc 5 why was the hat on the table

When I was walking home from school I got inside my house and I saw my daddy’s favourite hat, why was the hat on the table. I realised that nobody was home yet so I sat down on my bed watching Netflix, it got dark I called my parents they didn’t answer. I ordered takeout I couldn’t get much since it was my pocket money, it was at least filling soon I went to bed.  I woke up in the morning and still my parents  not here  I called the police they said I had to wait five more hours.

#wc 4

I was riding to school on my scooter I was late I went past the rose  garden I finally got to school we where doing science the water in the glass was transparent  it looked exciting.  My teacher called me and told me to stop coming late, later that day we had CPR training and drs abcd we practiced on dummies you had to push real hard on them. Once I got home I went to football training it took about an hour I did hotmaths wc dad made dinner and then it was time to go to bed.

camp review

This review is about caving.

We had a short walk to get to the caves, it was a fairly large opening it was a big cellar we went into a small hole that lead to a small space. We rolled down a part with a tiny roof  where we slid down some rocks, and a tiny hole called the mouse trap we had to go through sideways which was not even a meter  wide




















































100 wc #3

Hi my name is Giorgia, today I was working at my best friends house I climbed up the red ladder. After I had finished off work for the day I was  walking on the pavement and in my right eye I saw a shiny golden thing. I quickly hurried over and noticed it was a coin it was sinking I picked it up and it wasn’t any currency that I could recognize so I ran as fast as I could to get a good look at it. I brushed the dirt off it and noticed it was a 10,000 year old coin that was worth millions of dollars.

100 WC #2 bear Edited

I was a young girl when I got that bear, I lost it at the park. A man with his family found it, they where visiting Alaska and he gave the bear to his daughter. It was very last day of there trip they had to go back to Japan she named it Kudoki,  on the flight home Kudoki kept her safe from all of the scary things from her mind. sadly Kudoki was left at the airport the girl in tears, luckily an old  friend found the bear and made an oath to never leave sight of that bear.